Responsive Web Design, a Mobile-Ready Technique

Responsive Design is the construction a dynamic website framework that provides an optimal viewing experience on a wide range of devices and screens from desktop computer monitors to mobile phones and tablets without the need for a separate mobile application.  With this technique, the websites literally “respond” to the device on which they are being […]

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Date Posted: 05/06/2013 Category: Web Development Comments: Author: Antony Coukos

Using the WordPress MultiSite Install

Recently, we discussed the benefits of rebuilding your website using WordPress.  Often our clients will have multiple locations or subsidiaries that each require their own web presence (or website) with the desire to effectively manage the content for one or all easily through a collaborative approach company-wide. To accomplish this successfully, we recommend the WordPress MultiSite Install. […]

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Date Posted: 04/30/2013 Category: Web Development Comments: Author: Antony Coukos

Rebuilding your website with WordPress

WordPress is an open-source blog tool and publishing platform powered by PHP and MySQL.  Over the past few years, due to the increasing needs for our clients’ website performance goals and scalability options, we’ve become WordPress experts. With millions of users worldwide, this robust database-driven platform optimizes a new website build for scalability and ongoing […]

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Date Posted: 04/30/2013 Category: Web Development Comments: Author: Antony Coukos

Reflecting on 5 Years

I was going through some old email recently and I found one that caught my eye; it was from March 10th, 2008, and about halfway down was the following line – “Day one of my working full-time for myself is today.  Exciting but a little scary!”  I flashed back to that day and remembered the […]

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Date Posted: 04/26/2013 Category: The Latest Comments: Author: Chris Palmer

Remembering the Sites That Got Us Here

With the launch of our new and improved version 4.0, which boasts enhanced functionality as well as extremely interesting content from everyone at our company, it’s very easy to forget the versions of yesteryear. The sites that were so cool at the time, but now only live in the memory of some remote server, […]

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Date Posted: 04/22/2013 Category: Web Development Comments: Author: Jamie Taylor

The Effect of Duplicate Content on SEO Ranking

Duplicate content is a black hat SEO practice that involves repetitive content across multiple pages, subdomains, or domains. Essentially, Google indexes content as a primary means of discovering what your site subject matter pertains to. Based on the results of this index it will rank your site appropriately for pertinent search queries. If Google discovers […]

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Date Posted: 04/20/2013 Category: Web Development Comments: Author: Chris Palmer

The Honour Society Website, Print, Identity & Branding

The Honour Society designs and manufacturers licensed collegiate headwear and accessories with a mission to deliver premium licensed products and to grow a brand that embodies the timeless values of teamwork, fair-play and love for game. The Honour Society was founded after designing custom Fedora’s to wear to the 2009 NCAA Basketball Tournament.  Overwhelmed by the […]

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Date Posted: 01/15/2013 Category: Graphic Design Comments: Author: Antony Coukos

Woodfin Identity & Branding

In July 2012, Kenmont Design was hired to create a new identity for Woodfin – a prominent home services company located in Mechanicsville, VA and servicing the greater Richmond region. Original Logo Our logo re-design project marked the first in 30 years, since the original logo was created by the company’s namesake and owner, including a […]

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Date Posted: 12/12/2012 Category: Graphic Design Comments: Author: Antony Coukos

How to Define Your Business & Website Goals

The first phase of all of our projects is Discovery and Research.  During this phase, we spend quality time with our clients through conversations and meetings in order to clearly define their business and website goals.  These goals will ground every recommendation and decision through the remainder of the project. Marketing goals and objectives are […]